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Creative Energy

“All art that is worth while is a record of intense life, and each individual artist’s work is a record of his special effort, search, and findings, in language especially chosen by himself and devised best to express him…”                                                                                                                                                                                            Robert Henri

I recently stopped teaching, for the summer months; one of the most exciting abstract classes I have ever had the pleasure to teach.  The energy in the rooms we were using was palpable.  It was such a diverse and exciting group of people.  We had four or five “new to abstract art” students, and their enthusiasm, and adventurous spirit was catching.  They plugged into their inner child, played with paint, papers, and textures.  The results were astounding and creative. If I demonstrated a technique using a specific product, everyone had a different take on it. There is something to be said for deriving energy from being in a room of creative people. The most outstanding thing about this group, besides being adventurous, was the support they gave one another.  They cheered each other on, and applauded each others efforts.  There was no attempt to add or change, anyone’s work.  They accepted each others individuality and learned from it.  I started the Circle of Life series with my first demonstration using textural products.

“Meditative Moments” was the first in that series.  


As an instructor, I strive to give students tools to use so they can create what they see and feel in their being.  I teach techniques, the Elements of Design, and the Principles of Good Design.  But they can’t, nor do I want them to paint like me.  I am unique in my thinking, and I hope that they are unique in there thinking. That is what I find so exciting about teaching.  Individuality!  What motivates me to create, and motivates them to create should be two different things, although we can be coming from the same love of something.  I paint about nature and the things that touch me, but there are so many different thing that motivate the process to actually create.  A special “Thank you”  to that special group of students, for the energy they shared that sparked me to continue this series. Where do you find your motivation to work?

Alternative Surface by FL artist Carolyn Land

I know we all have different tastes when it comes to the visual arts, music, dance, and other creative endeavors.  But, even if it is not your taste, can you sit back and appreciate the creative effort that went into it?

I think sometimes, it is more important  to appreciate the” creative spirit” of a work, than to like it.

“Ever Changing”   was the last in the Circle of Life series.

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