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Maintaining a Positive Attitude

Every creative act involves…a new innocence of perception, liberated from the cataract of accepted belief. “         Arthur Koestler

Collage by FL artist Carolyn land

Echos of the Past          Collage

We have decided where we want to go and set benchmarks to get there.  Now what?  Attitude is everything.  If we say we can’t, we won’t.  So, stay positive.  We can’t let negative self-talk sabotage our journey.  For some of us that is hard to overcome.  Changing how we talk to ourselves and adopting a positive attitude toward any goal is the only way we will make it.

There are several strategies to do this.  One is affirmations.  Positive sayings that you say daily to yourself. They do, if done with regularity, change how you think. They are like prescriptions for certain aspects of yourself you want to change. I call them my morning pep talk.  Another is support.  Validation that we are on the right track, that we have succeeded at something is important.  So, we should surround ourselves with people who will be there, and tell us, go for it, you can do it, you are on the right track!

It’s not always going to be easy.  There are going to be bumps in the road.  We just need to remember the bumps are not failures, they are learning experiences.  There are a lot of fears and doubts that come with creative territory.  But we must navigate them with a positive attitude.

An attitude of gratitude also helps on this journey to our goal.  We have a talent that we are trying to exploit to some end…the goal. So showing gratitude for the talent and ability, to go on this journey, adds to our positive attitude. It helps us realize how important it is and how lucky we are.   Then, we must be grateful for each little success.  When we reach a benchmark, let’s pat ourselves on the back and share the joy with a friend.  It makes it more fun!

I write a lot about enjoying the journey and not worrying about the outcome.  That’s still true, even if we have a goal we are trying to reach.   “Life gets in the way”, is a reality.  Its not a reality we need to dwell on, but it makes enjoying the journey, very important. If we are enjoying the journey there is less room for regrets.  Besides, loving what we do shows through in our work and speaks to our viewers.

“In order to work and to become an artist one needs love. At least, one who wants sentiment in his work must in the first place feel it himself and live with his heart.”                                      Vincent Van Gogh

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