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Standing in Your Power

“The minute I sat in front of a canvas, I was happy.  Because it was a world, and I could do as I liked”.  Alice Neel                    

Collage by Florida artist Carolyn Land

                            Sundown at Sea                                                                                                Collage

There are two components to a true artists work: our style and our technique.  And, both are as unique, as our signature.  Whether we choose to express ourselves in a representational, abstract, or nonobjective way, it needs to reflect who we are as people.  We can appreciate all styles, but what we are best at doing as artists, is unique to us.  How we see things, filter them, and move them from our mind and soul, through our hands, and into a work of art, should reflect who we are. If they do not, we are not standing in our power.

People like to emulate people they admire, but if they are true to themselves their own uniqueness is going to reflect in their work.  Are you standing in your power, or are you trying to stand in someone else’s power?

I love to learn new things, and try new things, but ultimately, I return to doing what I do best. However, those things I have tried make me grow, because I see with new eyes and view my work in a new way. Every new experience helps an artist, or anyone for that matter, view things differently. Remember, experience gives us knowledge, and “knowledge is power”.

Yes, I bring aspects of what I learned with me, which I apply to my work. They usually enhance what I do, but ultimate when incorporating a new technique into my work, it still speaks of my individuality. I “tweek” it to fit my style. It becomes part of my growing process.

People pleasing is one of the great problems in society.  Many talented, creative people make sacrifices in their expression to gain approval, make a sale, or because what they are presently doing is easy, successful, and they are afraid they might fail if they did what their heart really desired to do.

To access our power, we must honor who we are, our individual talents, and our desires.  We must trust ourselves enough to follow our heart and be confident enough to let who we are show through in our work. Express yourself in the way that shows who you are, even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone, or returning to a place that gives your work more meaning.

Take a deep breath and ask yourself this important question. Am I standing in my power, or am I trying to do something that isn’t reflecting who I am?

As for myself, my aim has always been to paint or draw that which gives me pleasure, the principle being that if an artist is not happy with his work then others will not be happy with it either.”             Pierre Alechinsky

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