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The Benefits of a Creative Community

“In the arts there are many right answers.  I’ve learned over the years that when you get a clue to another possibility to follow it through…Ultimately my hope is to amaze myself”.  Jerry Uelsmann

With our “creative spirit” comes something else, a bonding of kindred souls.  In our curious state we seek out those around us that have the same curiosity and childlike wonder; people who see things with an open mind and heart, so we grow together and share in the bounty of knowledge for knowledge sake, and the joy of self-expression.  We become connected by the same creative thread. Even in this time of isolation we search out ways to keep in contact with those who share our creative spirit, for isolation is difficult.

I have been grateful to my class for sharing their work.  It has kept me as creative as they have been, knowing that we were going to share those thing which we created.  I guess it goes to the philosophical question; is art, art, if there is not a viewer?

The Writing Was on The Wall          Collage

There are so many parts to a creative community.  Its not just artists but viewers.  It is the dialogue that is created and shared between the two.  Being part of a creative community helps normalize the day to day struggles. When in isolation we sometimes lack inspiration or develop creative blocks.  But, having a creative community to share with, helps us feel less isolated and alone.

When we are part of a community of creatives our accountability is strengthened. Creative energy is also channeled into stated goals.  Feedback we get from colleagues exposes holes and refines ideas. The relationship we share with these people provide inspiration. New ideas are generated and new dimensions to old ideas are developed. By being a part of a community of creative people we will find ourselves surrounded with art and creativity, and will feel compelled to experiment more and challenge ourselves more creatively, because the nature of these communities tends to be focused on support. Then, if we wish, we can work in solitude to execute that which has tickled our creativity.

Again during these past two weeks I have been amazed and encouraged by my students…from the serious to the whimsical.

Janice Rous                                             Virus

Janice Rous           Acrylic

Janice Rous                     Acrylic

Rebecca Romanowski                        Acrylic

Suzi Hahn Alcohol Ink                   Blue Vase

Paula Pascucci                       Pastel on Textured Surface

Donna Bradley            Watercolor

Donna Bradley             Watercolor

Happy Painting Everyone.  Keep well and safe!  Carolyn

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