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“I believe that the most authentic experience one can have is with nature. I am fascinated by the intricate designs that are created within the small space of one’s vision. The lines, forms, colors, and textures, of the natural elements are what motivate my art. As an artist, I reach deep within myself to express an image inspired by nature, or man’s interaction with it. It is my hope that it will touch the viewer as it has me, or cause the viewer to go on and look more closely at the wonders that surround us. Part of learning to see as an artist, has been to find the possibilities in the abstracted shapes and color masses, found in the web of a spider, the bark of a tree, or the color reflected in a bubble of foam along the water’s edge.” — cALand



Nature is her subject, because of a persistent emotional attachment to it. She tries to thoughtfully execute the work to show a sense of peace and beauty.  She has found that the deeper the commitment to a scene, the more you see and feel.  When she works, she not only looks carefully at the subject but feels its essence. It is that essence, that she wishes to impart to her viewers. Her realistic work is done with soft pastels and is often done over a watercolor underpainting. Her abstracts are a microcosm of something she has observed in nature that has particularly fascinated her. She uses various methods to create her paintings.  Some are textural surfaces which she creates and then paints over.  Others are collages or mixed media pieces which she creates with handmade paper, personally dyed commercial papers, various fibers, acrylic paint, and pieces found in the natural environment.  



Carolyn A. Land was born and grew up in the New York City metropolitan area and was exposed to the creative process at an early age. She has a BA in Art Education an MA Education. for which she presented a paper on “Motivation for Learning: Through the Arts”. She has 30 post MA credits in fine arts and education administration.  She has studied with well-known contemporary artists and authors. Artists in the field of Pastel: Marla Baggetta Allen Flatman, Richard McKinnley, Elizabeth Mowery, Maggie Price. Artists in the field of Abstraction: Carol Barnes, Mary Todd Beam, Gerald Brommer, Carrie Brown, Pat Dews, Maxine Masterfield.


         JURIED SHOWS 

She has shown her work in juried shows at: The DeLand Museum of Art, DeLand, FL, The Cornell Museum of Art and History, Del Ray Beach, FL, Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando, FL, DeVos Museum, North Michigan University, Marquette, MI, The Ormond Beach Memorial Art Museum, Ormond Beach, FL, The Maitland Art Museum, Maitland, FL, The Eustis Museum of Art, Eustis, FL, Peabody Auditorium, Daytona Beach FL, The Ormond Beach Performing Arts Center, Ormond Beach, FL, The Mary McLeod Bethune Performing Arts Center, Daytona Beach, FL, Gateway Center for the Arts, DeBary , FL, The Art League of Daytona Beach, Daytona Beach, FL, Artists’ Workshop Gallery, New Smyrna Beach, FL, Art Haus, Port Orange, FL, Mount Dora Center for the Arts, Mount Dora, FL, The Reid Gallery, Bradenton, FL, as well as many outdoor festivals.



Carolyn has been part of numerous small group shows including: “Mindscape” in the New Smyrna Beach Gallery, New Smyrna Beach, FL, “Color of Memory” at Art in the Round, in the Tavares County Administration Building, Tavares, FL “Transcending Dimensions” at the Ormond Memorial Museum of Art, Ormond Beach, FL, “Interpretations” at the Daytona Art League, Daytona Beach, FL, “Re-Mix Second Time Around”, The Casements, Ormond Beach, FL, “Beyond Boundaries”, Tavares City Hall, Tavares, FL,  “Syncopated Rhythm - Jazz on the Green”, Casselberry City Hall, Casselberry, FL, ”Showcase”  Cobb and Cole Gallery Daytona Beach, FL, “Nature Speaks Through Art” Rose Room Gallery Peabody Auditorium, Daytona FL.  


         SOLO SHOWS 

An Odyssey of Texture”, The New Smyrna Beach Gallery, New Smyrna Beach, FL,  “One Human Family” the Casements Cultural Center, Ormond Beach, FL, “Odyssey in Texture 2”, The FL Committee of the National Museum of Women in the Arts, Artisan Gallery, Deland, FL., “From Scales to Symphony”, The Casements Cultural Center, Ormond Beach, FL. “Mindscapes”, The Casements Cultural Center, Ormond Beach, FL, “The Land Beneath the Stars”, The Casement’s Cultural Center, Ormond Beach, FL. “Earth’s Music Through Art” The Casements Cultural Center, Ormond Beach, FL, “What Lies Beneath” Founders Gallery New Smyrna Beach, FL 

She has paintings in both private and corporate collections and has been the recipient of many awards. She teaches classes and gives workshops in Abstract Art, Collage and Pastel Painting.



Visit our “UPCOMING EVENTS“ page for a schedule of classes, workshops, exhibits and more.



A complete resumé, awards list, juried show, small group and solo shows, will be e-mailed, upon request, to Galleries and perspective clients.

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