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Demonstrations and Workshops (upon request)

We are all born creative. As an instructor, I try and instill in my students, that each of us has our own unique style, and allow them the opportunity to express what is inside of them. I teach the elements and principles of good design. I demonstrate various techniques using many different mediums, and advise them about what mediums work well together. I encourage each individual student to take risks with various materials in order to produce a work that is uniquely theirs. Students can work in a representational, abstract, or non-objective style. Most of all I hope I bring excitement to the process of creation.

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“Explore Your Creativity”

All mediums welcome.
The Hub on Canal, New Smyrna Beach
Friday 9:30 - 12:30 on-going
Contact carolynaland@gmail.com

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Florida Arts Tour

"Off the Beaten Path" 

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Saturday and Sunday

February 12 and 13

10 am to 5 pm 

I am stop # 4


“The work of Carolyn Land reflects sensitivity and perception that will withstand the test of time. Her ability to transcend the pictorial and dominate the world of abstract is in evidence in her powerful use of color and texturing, evoking response on an emotional and intellectual level”. 
—Dr. Carmen Vila, Ed.D, Art Educator and Historian