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land,Carolyn,Layers of Life, acrylic on

Textured Surface



Land,Carolyn,The Wisdom of a Tree 16 x 1

Mixed Media

Echos of the Past.jpg


Welcome to Carolyn’s current collection of creative expression.

This collection of art by Florida artist Carolyn A Land is a combination of her realistic and abstract work. The collections are grouped according to the mediums she used. All images in these collections are available for sale unless noted as sold. We invite you to browse through the galleries and contact Carolyn with questions concerning price or the process used on the piece you are considering purchasing.


The work of Carolyn A Land encompasses the viewer with an intriguing and sensuous exploration of topographical fields, drenched in an exquisite and serene interplay of color and light. Each work captivates the eye with its own unique, powerful subtlety, ambience and luminosity.”  —Kristine Wright, Past Curator Ormond Memorial Art Museum

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