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“The pictures which do not represent an intense interest cannot expect to create an intense interest.”                    Robert Henri

Last week we talked about the blessing of creativity.  However, along with the ability to be creative and think out of the box, comes accountability. We who are creators need to remember, that although we are very passionate about our work, we need to be objective as well. Without the passion we would lose interest in what we are doing, yet without being objective about what we produce, it may not be good and lose its credibility.

Water color lift painting by FL artist Carolyn land

Dreams of Surf

Art is a dialogue with the viewer. One can be exceptionally creative in their thoughts and process, but if it does not connect with the viewer it is wasted.

As artists, our legacy lies in the ability to approach aesthetic endeavors with an authentic voice and vision; painting the way we feel, not the way we think it ought to be painted. But, then we need to go back and ask ourselves: Is the viewer going to know what I am saying? Is my composition sound? Do I have good values? Do I have a strong center of interest? Am I telling my story to the best of my ability?

We also need to demonstrate an understanding and competency of the medium we are using. Some mediums work better than others to get our message across. That’s not saying we can’t come up with new ways of working with our medium of choice.  It is saying we need to work with the process until we know we can use it this way repeatedly, and the results are sound, steady, and consistent, and it will last.

The presentation of any artistic endeavor we put out there is very important.  It is what makes the first impression.  It also shows how we feel about our work.  You know the book you pick up, and it has you hooked by the end of the first page; that is what we want as visual artists.   When someone looks, we want to hook them at first glance.

The other thing that gives us credibility is pricing.  We must keep it consistent.  Having a formula for the type of work we do, and sticking to it, is important.  No gallery is going to want us, if they know we are going to sell that work for less someplace else.

Yes, creativity is a special gift.  We need to use it and revel in it, but we also need to be responsible, so we can build our reputation on a strong footing.

The Holiday Season has arrived, and as I found this past week, there was not time to write when I wanted to. Therefore, I will publish only one more blog before the year ends. I will set a new publishing schedule the 1st of January.  As you get older time seems to go faster and faster.  This year just seemed to evaporate!

A little aside here… I read an article this past week, regarding the lack of creativity in the generation of children which is our future.  They blamed it on the amount of time they spend on devises which have planned activities and games, watching videos and TV, and no longer having the freedom to play outside and enjoy nature as we did.  Life has become a series of planned and well-orchestrated activities.  If you have a child on your gift list this season, try and give them something that makes them think outside the box. Creativity is the greatest gift we are born with.  If you can, try and help a child develop it.

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