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Be Bold

“Fine art is that in which the hand, the head, and the heart of man go together”                   John Ruskin

I had the opportunity this week to present a talk with a colleague on the Modern Art Movement.  My colleague had set up an opportunity for the participants to paint on a large surface and try their hand at a collaborative Non-Objective painting.  It was fascinating to watch how tentative people are when they are unsure of something. We are all different and like different things, that’s what makes us unique.  But if you want to try something new, learn something new, or understand something out of your comfort zone you must be bold.

Forbes did a study on the negative effects of people being tentative, and sited four reason why people are:

  1. We overestimate the probability of something going wrong.

  2. We exaggerate the consequences of what might happen if things don’t go as planed.

  3. We underestimate our ability to handle the consequences of risk.

  4. We downplay the cost of inaction.

By FL artist Carolyn

Ghost Print on Rice Paper

As artists we need to commit to what we are doing if we want to be successful; whether we work in a realistic style or more abstract style. So, be bold in action and intent! Creativity is a gift we are given and express instinctively as children.  Without self-doubt and fear of rejection our spirits soar.  However, as we move into adulthood, that inner realm gets over shadowed by restraints, constant pressures, demands, and distractions of the external world. We lose sight of, and no longer trust the free spirit we had in our youth. Then as we become established, comfort and safety become cozy. While we mostly seek comfort and security, it’s our discomfort that fosters growth and invigorates life.

When we challenge ourselves outside of our comfort zone our minds can do more.  Seeking something new in our own world will make us all stronger, better, and maybe a tad bit more interesting.

How can we get out of our comfort zone?

  1.  We must open our mind to new experiences, new ideas, and embrace new ways of doing things.

  2.  We need a positive attitude.  If we start with the attitude that we are going to fail, not be able to do it, or are not going to like it, we will will not succeed.

  3.  We must understand that we are going to falter; that failing is a normal process in learning. Our first works of art are not going to be “museum worthy”.  But we can have fun and enjoy the journey!

To break free of these self-induced boundaries,  we must allow ourselves the freedom to play and experiment.  As artists our legacy lies in the ability to approach aesthetic endeavors with an authentic voice and vision. We must maintain an intimate connection with the spirit that resides within us; the bold free spirit we were born with before we were conditioned differently. When we start someone thing tentatively, we don’t get far. Tentative, is sort off a cousin of procrastination.

Ink Mono Print on Rice Paper

In the words of Seth Godin ” Being aware of your fear is smart. Overcoming it is a mark of a successful person”. 

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