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Be Brave and Be Bold

“Art is the opposite of nature.  A work of art can only come from the interior of man.”   Edward Munch

“I love looking at abstract art, I marvel at it, but I couldn’t do that. I would not know how to begin. I’ll stick with the stuff I know.” I heard this comment, this week. It brought to my mind, how many people in life play it safe, because they are afraid they will fail.  What is failure anyway?  Is it not just a learning experience? I like to think so.  We have all scratched our knees as children.  We took that fall, got up, and started again to learn that skill we wanted to learn. Why is it different when we are adults?

Abstract painting by FL artist Carolyn LandInk on Paper

“The World as I See It”

Creativity is by definition, to bring something new into being.  You can’t do that without the process of trial and error, failure and success.  It is part of the creative process in anything: music, dance, literature, science, medicine…fine art. Some things are going to work, and somethings are not.  Then there are the “Aha” moments! These are not just philosophical thoughts for those who are starting out.  It is also good advice for the experienced painter.

Some artists continually play it safe for any number of reasons.  They have: found a formula that works for them, they know they can sell a certain subject because they do it well, they are afraid of ruining something that they have invested a lot of time in, they are afraid it will be rejected by the “viewer”.  If you do not try new things, or make that bold move, you will never grow. You will never know if it could have been a more dynamic work of art, if you just tried: a brighter color, a bolder stroke, a new texture, a less exact line, a drippy under painting, a new style.  “The World as I See It”  is one of those experiments on my part. I needed to demonstrate something, and although it was not my usual style, I had fun doing it.  I felt if I worked with it long enough, I could really learn something from it.  To really understand how it could impact my art, I said I would do 10 and see how I like the style and thought process.  I am still having fun with it!  I am on # 6.

Be brave and be bold! We must be willing to shed some our old habits, and “risk a glorious failure.” There is something only you can give to art.  What is that?  It not copying someone else art or style.  It is by finding the “you”, the “sacred self.”  Remember, it’s not always about getting it “right”. It’s about creating something new that has never been done before.  It is about bring your inner feelings, to the the work, in order to create a unique dialogue with the viewer.

If for just one day you let your artistic imagination go wild, what would you do? What would you try, that you have never done before? If you are interested in something, don’t allow the thought of failure, or not knowing enough, stop you from trying. Challenge your “Creative Spirit”!  It will energize your art and your life.

A painter makes real to others his innermost feelings about all that he cares for.  A secret becomes known to everyone who views the picture through the intensity with which it is felt.”                                   Lucian Freud

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