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Creative Overload

collage and relief print by FL artist Carolyn Land

Into the Clearing           ( relief print)

“I think that when one is young it is the object, the outside world that fires one’s enthusiasm; one is carried away by it. In later life it is something within ones self, the need to express an emotion, that leads a painter to choose his point of departure, one form rather than another.”               Pierre Bonnard

OK, so I have taken a few weeks off from studio work, but while doing the many other things that had to be taken care of, many thoughts have been percolating in the brain area. One idea started when a friend suggested I do some mono printing for an article he was writing.

mono print by FL artist Carolyn Land

Tress        (mono print)

I have much more experience with relief printing and collagraph printing. I had done a few mono print demons in class last year, and knew I would do more when I had time to play with my ideas. I needed time to address how I could incorporate this relatively “new to me” technique, into what I do.

I have this thing for trees, believing they are a metaphor for life, so I have been playing around, in my mind, with my wedge tool, on how I could carve trees into the ink, on the inked plate.  So, I took a day to just try it.

Will I continue?  Not sure yet.  You see another friend sent these wonderful photographs of a Wisconsin sunrise and sunset.  Since there will be no vacation this year… I thought visiting Wisconsin via a pastel painting, might be a little break from the FL heat. Can I make believe!

Pastel painting by FL artist Carolyn Land

WI Sunrise

Pastel painting by FL artist Carolyn Land

WI Sunset

Then as I was scrolling through my myriad of photos of paintings for examples for this blog, I kept seeing my collage work which I seem to have put on the back burner.  I love paper!  I want to do more.  Now I am suffering from “creative overload”.  The creative spirit is alive and well!  Where should I start?  Can I combine the mono print into the collage, like I did with the relief print?  Hum…so much to play with!  Sometimes a little time off is good for the creative spirit.

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