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"Creative Spirit Blog" Building Blocks

Foggy Morning Pastel

“The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.” Brian Herbert

Welcome to the “Creative Spirit Blog” at its new home. I hope you will take time to visit my new website, visit the four galleries and view my updated work and events. There is a button on the bottom of each page to follow on Instagram and Facebook to see what I am working on weekly.

I have always dreaded the business side of art but confess this project, changing website hosts so I could self manage, has not been as bad as I thought. I had great help and good teachers. Very patient. I think I am ready for my solo flight.

In the process I learned something about myself. I have infinite patience dealing with people, my art, and life in general. Why? Because I have a lot of tools in my toolbox. I have a lot of life experiences which brought me to that point.

I have not when it comes to the digital world. I really had very little knowledge, not many tools in that toolbox; and my fear of it was holding me back. I made a choice to overcome that fear. But like everything else in life we need building blocks. I learned one skill I could do well, then added a second, and found I could build on each one. I had some knowledge and with that I could build on it one step at a time.

It’s no different with the creative process. Becoming a good artist does not usually happen overnight. It takes years of practice and having a lot of tools in your toolbox. We all come to spots in the creative process when we step back from our work and say what now? That is when you go back to all the things you have learned and say what if I try this? It could be the answer or could make it worse. It is about not being afraid to try. It’s about wanting to learn something, being patient, with yourself, and practice, practice, practice.

I always love the question from viewers, “How long did that take you to do this piece?” The honest answer is years. Year of risk taking, experimenting, and not being afraid to make a mess and start all over. Nothing is ever lost. With each mis-step comes knowledge. Knowledge is power and just a few more tools in your toolbox. Things you can expand upon.

“It took me 20 years to discover painting: twenty years of looking at nature, and above all going to the Louvre. But when I say discover-I am still beginning, and I will go on making mistakes.” Pierre Auguste Renoir

A friend recently asked a copyright question. I gave her a few suggestions on how she could use a magazine piece in her work. She replied, “it’s nice to know I have options.” Options are important. That is why having enough tools in your toolbox is important.

My “business of art” now has more options because I faced my fear and built a few building blocks to build on. I have a long way to go, and have met a few obstacles, but it is a start. And now the most exciting thing is I have more time to go and paint and a way to share it.

“Ancora imparo” is an Italian phrase meaning “Yet, I am learning.” It is often attributed to the great Renaissance genius, Michelangelo, supposedly observed by him at the age of 87.

Keep learning. Stay safe. Carolyn

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