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Creative Spirit Blog February 12, 2022 The Business of Art

Arts Tour Demo 2018 Fire and Ice

"Painting is a funny business.” JMW Turner

As fun as it is to create art, most artists can’t deny the thrill that comes from selling your art to someone who loves it. There is so much more to the creative process than just creating new work.

This weekend artists in our area have the opportunity to be part of a special cultural event. It’s “Off the Beaten Path, Studio Tour”. Artists are invited to open their studios to the public for two days and people can take themselves for a free self-guiding tour to visit professional artists working in their studio and see where the “magic happens.”

For artists this is a lot of work and preparation. It means we must clean up our mess so people can get in to see how and what we do. But it is also a very rewarding experience. It gives us the opportunity to share what we do. It allows people to watch us create, hear about our process, and find out why we do what we do.

Those in the business of selling art, say that the best way to sell art is to get to know your perspective clients. Talk to them and share your process and feelings about what you do and why you do it. Now is our chance.

I have spent the week cleaning my “mess” and finishing up a lot of half-done projects. The Arts Tour is always great motivation to get a little more organized and to take inventory.

I will admit, I am not the best at the "business side of art". In the back of my head, I know what I must do, but like the majority of artists I would rather be painting, and much too often that is exactly what I do. In today’s world a lot also depends on your knowledge of the digital world. Also, not a favorite place of mine. Yes, I write a bi-monthly blog, I have a website, I am on Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, but probably don’t put the time into these digital venues or contact past clients with new work like I should. Self promotion is difficult since I am not a pushy person. I admire those who can and do so. So, for me this weekend is a wonderful opportunity to connect and reconnect.

A special thank you to those who put time into organizing this cultural event. So many people who have stopped by in the past marveled at the opportunity to visit artists, watch them at work, see their offerings, and get to see firsthand what goes into the creative process. Being I am here in FL. I also get a lot of visitors from out of state who find this weekend to be a special and exciting opportunity to do something a little different. They come with wonderful stories about their hometowns, and I get to hear about cultural events in other parts of the country.

I look forward to the interesting people I will meet this weekend. Many will be return customers, some friends, and I hope a lot of potential new friends and supporters. The coffee pot will be on, and I look forward to visiting and talking with all that stop by. Carolyn

If you are in the Volusia County area of FL, you can download a map at I am #4 on the map. A note if you come…you do have to enter my development from Williamson Blvd. Google will take you to the back entrance which is not open. Take The Village of Royal Palm Blvd off Williamson Blvd to the end and make a left. You will see the balloons.


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