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Creative Spirit Blog October 9,2021 Strong Foundations

" Running Rapids" Mixed Media

“If you are setting out to build a skyscraper, the tallest you can imagine, it can only be as high as the foundation will support. This is also true of the heights of artistic achievement you may desire. Without a solid and broad foundation established, you will be limiting the scale of your dreams.” Neville Page

I have referred lately to having “tools in our toolbox”. We know that to be creative we must start with some knowledge that promotes an idea, that can produce something that is both original and adaptive.

Once we have enough tools in our toolbox the sky is the limit. But first we need to build our foundation by learning some fundamentals about producing a piece of visual art. For a strong foundation in 2-dimensional fine art we need to know: composition, color theory, value, perspective, what mediums and supports are available, and how they work. Learning these things will only help us become well-rounded and versatile artists.

There are so many different options when it comes to mediums to use. It is important to know what each one can do, and this takes time and experimentation. Finding the medium which is best for us to express what we want to say and what we want our viewers to take away from our art, takes time. What works for one person may not work for another. This is also true of technique and style.

But first and foremost, we need the motivation to go beyond what we know. Without this, creative ideas will only reside within our mind without having the opportunity to flourish. This is true of all the “fine arts” which historically have been painting, sculpture, architecture, music, and poetry, coupled with performing arts including theatre and dance.

Once the motivation strikes, getting basic knowledge is imperative for the creative spark to ignite; fundamentals which will be the building blocks of our creative output. We never stop filling our toolbox, because with each creative work we do, we learn something new. We just need to rely on the characteristics of the creative mind to build on our strong foundation.

· We must never stop being curious about what will happen if…

· We must risk that glorious failure.

· We must remain flexible and not be hemmed in by being overly focused on one way of doing things or the outcome.

· We must keep our enthusiasm and motivation fed, so it is in high gear.

· We need to maintain a positive attitude.

· We must keep learning to keep our foundations strong.

The basic fundamental are vital for success in any endeavor. Once we have those, our creative spirit can take off. If we feel something is amiss in our basic toolbox and our foundation isn’t strong, we need to seek out the knowledge.

"Good Composition is like a suspension bridge: each line adds strength and takes none away..." Robert Henri

Stay safe. Carolyn

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