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Do What You Must Do

I do not think a day passes in my life in which I fail to look with fresh amazement at the miracle of nature. It is there on every side. It can be simply a shadow on a mountainside, or a spider’s web gleaming with dew, or sunlight on the leaves of a tree. I have always especially loved the sea.                                       Pablo Casals (Cellist)

Pastel painting

Peaceful Morn                                    Pastel over Watercolor

We have all been wounded and we are tired of the restrictions placed on us. It is a major life change we must adjust to. We need a place to rest and regenerate.  For me it is the garden. What is it for you?  What regenerates your creative spirit?

Even under usual circumstances our art ebbs and flows, and sometimes there’s more room for the work than at other times. Maybe I am letting my art percolating between the roots and flowers, as I find strength and goodness in the soil and watch things grow.

You know the worst thing about wearing a mask after sucking in fabric when you talk, or your glasses fogging up?  It is you can’t see people smile.  Sometimes you can see it in their eyes, but more often than not, you see pain, concern, or discouragement. And if they are not wearing a mask it is usually a face of belligerence. Don’t they know we are all in this together.

It would be wonderful if we could all live in love  and avail ourselves to the beauty that surrounds us when it comes cross our path.  We need to serve something greater than ourselves and live by being a loving part of the “One Human Family” we all are.

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