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Embracing Change

“…one doesn’t really work for oneself. That’s a myth. Artists have to show their work. It doesn’t mean they have to sell it, or peddle it, or use it for anything, but they have to show it.” Ad Reinhardt

Geologic Time

The Old is New Again Collage

Can something exist without it being perceived by consciousness? – e.g. “is sound only sound if a person hears it?” You remember the philosophical question about the tree falling in the forest? This question has been the source of many lively conversations and has been pondered for years. However, the answer to the question depends largely on the definition of sound.

It is a question that can also be asked of art. Is a painting a work of art if no one sees it? We can argue the point that the paper, canvas, sculpture, physically exist, even if no one has ever seen them. But, if no one has seen a completed piece of art, is it a work of art? Art, in its broadest sense, is defined as a form of communication. Art is an act of expressing feelings, thoughts, and observations. I have often referred to it as being a dialogue with the viewer. So, how does your work get seen so this dialogue can take place and it becomes a meaningful piece of art?

Times have changed. I remember back when you went with a few paintings in hand to a gallery and said are you interested in showing these works? I also remember having a beautiful black leather portfolio with photos of my work. I could pull it out of my car, walk in a gallery and say please look these over and let me know if you are interested. Remember the slides we had to make and send, for acceptance in a juried show? That was not that long ago. Embracing technology is hard, especially when you have not grown up with it.

I have had a website since 2014 and have written this blog since 2016. In that time I think the pictures on my website have only been changed about four time. It’s because I can’t do it myself, and the site is extremely complicated to learn. The blog I have managed! As I have been learning how to work on Instagram, which is the new and accepted way to get your art “out there”, I have discovered there are programs that are easier and more user friendly than what I have been using.

During the pandemic I also became very aware that I need to take charge and start to be more hands on and involved in the business side of my creative process. With that being said, I am going to embrace technology. I am learning to manage a new website with my “Creative Spirit” blog, with connection to my Facebook and Instagram accounts, the HUB online store, and a newsletter to my patrons. I only hope that it all transfers seamlessly.

When the next blog presents itself in your inbox it may appear in a new way, with a slightly new look. Keep an eye out for it and please don’t delete it. The “Galleries” on the website will be updated and the format will be changed a little. I hope I do not lose any of you in the transition. If you do not hear from me in the next three weeks, please email me and I will send you a link.

I usually adapt well to change, but this change is going to be a little bit more of a challenge. I hope you will all support me in this effort and stay with me. Stay safe and let the world see what you create. Carolyn

(The collage posted in this blog, is made of handmade paper, pieces of palm tree, rusted piece found somewhere, fiber and acrylic paint. They are mounted on a clay board.)

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