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Goal Setting

“The artist begins with a vision-a creative operation requiring an effort.  Creativity takes courage.”    Henri Matisse

Collage by Florida Artist Carolyn land

Journey Upward      Collage

I received many responses to the blog on “Commitment”. There was one question I would like to address: “I like to do so many things. How do I know which to commit to? Do I have to pick one?”  The short answer is no.  You can just commit to a creative life and keep enjoying what you are doing.  The other part of that answer is; do you have a goal? if so, verbalize it.  Write it out. Is it to have fun, be self-expressive, be skilled at something, be recognized, feel accomplished, make money? Then ask yourself what will it take to accomplished that?  What needs to happen to make you feel the way you want to or be in that place where you will feel like you have accomplished the goal you set?

When you can answer the question of what your goal is; write out what you need to do to reach it. Then set benchmarks. Just, make those benchmarks attainable and small enough that you keep getting rewarded along your journey. A taste of success is great motivation and will keep you from quitting before you get started or reach your goal. The horse doesn’t win the race before he runs it.  It takes a lot of training, practice, and patience.

This may seem very academic, but it is very necessary to attaining a goal. Just never be afraid to rethink your goal. Are you enjoying the journey?  If not, why? Are your bench marks set to far apart? Is there a step you missed?  Be open with yourself, you just might stumble upon something that energizes you even more along the way, are better at, and propels you to someplace you never thought you would go. Set your goal, but be open to new creative experiences.

What is the creative work of your heart?

If you can, come visit me in my studio, Perceptions by cALand”, this weekend for “Studio Tour,” and see the work of my heart.  I would love to share what I do.

Directions: 5420 Swordfern Ct. Port Orange, FL 32128.  Turn onto Royal Palm Blvd. from Williamson Blvd. (Coming north on Williamson Blvd., it is the second left turn after the Pavilion. Coming south along Williamson Blvd. take the first right after the light at Town Square Blvd.)  Go to the end, and turn left. I am #13 in the Tour Guide.

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