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Gratitude for Creativity

“The act of creation is a kind of ritual.  The origins of art and human existence lie hidden in the mystery of creation.  Human creativity reaffirms and mystifies the power of life”.                                                         Keith Haring

I have great gratitude for the gift of creativity; that I have been allowed to develop it and share it.  It is an integral part of my life.  It makes my world complete.  There are few days in my life that go by, that I don’t stop and think about that.  About how important, that room, I call a studio is to me.  The fact that I can go in there and be free to create and produce something that might just touch another person; that might speak to them in a nonverbal way about something meaningful.

Majestic Autumn

Majestic Autumn             Pastel over Watercolor

The world of art is like an amusement park. It has something for everyone. Its not just the visual arts, but, music, literature, drama, dance.  They influence society by changing opinions, instilling values and translating experiences across time and space. Research has shown that art affects the fundamental sense of self.  It illuminates our inner lives and enriches our emotional world.

Art rises above class, nationality, language, religion, gender, and other factors that seem to divide the world. It moves humans to think, to feel, and to act, and in many cases unites us.  And, over time the arts have become the repository of a society’s collective memory. To be part of that world, no matter how small my part is, I give thanks.

I am thankful this Thanksgiving for many things, especially my family, friends, and for those of you who take time to read what I write about the “creative spirit”.  But as I look back over my life, before the family and friends I have now, I am thankful for all the people who gave me a “leg up” in developing and nurturing my creativity. We are all born creative, but it does need to be nurtured. I am blessed to have had people in my life who encouraged and fostered that. As an older adult I can say that, the creative process has even taken on an even deeper meaning for me. It keeps me relevant.

We who are artists, makers, creatives constantly strive to tell our story in ways that might better the world. This Thanksgiving take a moment to give thanks to those who helped develop that; the ability and means to do something you enjoy and gives meaning to your life.

Happy Thanksgiving

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