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It’s All in Your Attitude

“All art, literature and music must be brought forth with your heart’s blood.”                                Edward Munch

Teaching is an interesting study of people.  Everyone is so different, and how everyone approaches their work is so unique. The attitude you bring to your work is reflected in what you do.  The playfulness and joy you approach a piece with, shows in your work. Conversely the pain and deep emotion you approach a work with, shows also.  If a student comes thinking “I can’t”, they probably wont.  What each student needs to do is, be present in the moment, and enjoy the process.  Then they need to develop the ability to step back and analyze what they have done, and solve the “composition” problem.

Pastel by FL artist Carolyn Land

Lane in Maine

Art is a lot like life. The difficult problems we face when we are creating a piece of art, often appear complicated, but the solutions are usually surprisingly simple when we find them.

I lost a pastel student yesterday, a friend, and a “life mentor”. She was one of the most positive, upbeat, people I have ever known. I admired her tenacity, her outlook on life, her ability to laugh at a situation, and always find the bright spot. Through the years I knew her, I never heard her complain, even though a long illness. She approached her art like she did her life, with a positive attitude and a little humor.

She had a “drive” to learn to draw, and loved working with pastels.  She said they were forgiving, because she has some sight problems.  She loved the process, and if a piece did not turn out just the way she had hoped, she would say, “next time we do better!” She lived in the moment…a great life lesson!

pastel painting by Peg Rogerson

Having Fun                               by Peg Rogerson

“The present is simply                                                                 Who I am                                                                                         Just the way I am…                                                                         Right now                                                                                         And it is precious.                                                                                                                                                                                 Spencer Johnson MD

Peg Rogerson was present, and she was a precious present.

The painting, “Lane is Maine” was the last demo she saw me do.  When I was done, she said “Gosh, let’s go for a walk there.  It’s mighty peaceful.”

Be present when you work, enjoy the process. Enjoy each moment of your life and always look for the positive. Find peace is expressing your “Creative Spirit”.

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