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Life Happens

“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance and order and rhythm and harmony.”  Thomas Merton

Collage by FL artist Carolyn land

Sounds of nature

Someone asked if I gave up writing the other day.  I am late for those of you who follow along. “No” was my answer, it’s just that “Life Happens”. I guess I must have thought I was “Super Woman” committing to so much in January, February and March.  I kept telling myself it’s just three months. The result is, I just keep playing catch up.  But I have learned something from the experience.  I’m not getting younger and I miss my free time!

I have always prided myself on being well organized and taking time to do the things I love: enjoy my family, garden, paint, have lunch with friends, exercise, and still maintain the “business side” of being a creative. But the past six weeks have been a challenge.  It probably would have worked, if other things in life had not happened that took my attention away from what was the three-month plan of: classes, workshops, talks, demonstrations, the Studio Tour, volunteering, etc. But, “Life Happened!” It all got complicated!

A wonderful friend just had hip surgery.  She too is experiencing how things can change your life and perspective.  She recently quoted Deepak Chopra in a blog, on her improving health and her new insight into taking it slower, “Perfect health is finding a balance”.  I am looking forward to going back to my more balanced life.  I still have many commitments for the next 4 weeks and I will fill them, but with the knowledge that having a balanced life is much better for your well being. When this rush is over, it’s going to have to be a new plan, but I am planning on making it a more balanced one.

I compare my life the last few months to an overly busy painting, too many shapes, colors that don’t harmonize, the rhythm not right, the balance off, the focal point missing. What is really interesting, is the change in my color palette when I have painted.  I have found myself going from warm energetic colors, to cooler more low-key colors.  I am seeing paintings that were too busy and taking them apart and putting quiet spots in.  Obviously my subconscious is telling me something.

The heart of our paintings does come from our subconscious.  Painting is a careful interplay between the conscious choice of strong principles of composition and the subconscious heart of the painting itself. Those “Principles of Good Design” that I am always referring to…they apply to life too.

A friend once gave me a cow, which stands on the shelf in my studio.  It says simplify!  I must remember that! It is not only a good lesson for good design, but for life.

Yes, I did use this painting last month.  It is one of my new ones.  But life just happened again!  Photoshop won’t open and I cant edit my new work!  But that is such a minor thing…just an annoyance!

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