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New Year Wish

Happy New Year!

I want to wish all my readers a healthy, happy, and creative New Year. Thank you all for reading the “Creative Spirit” blog, your thoughtful feedback, and support.

We have spent the holiday in NYC with my children and 5-week-old grandson Daxton.  It has been an amazing experience making memories that will last my lifetime.

As I walk around holding this bundle of “wonderfulness”, the sights I see from this Chelsea apartment are mind boggling…there is construction all around.  The New York City skyline has taken on a whole new dimension from my youth.  Odd angles, geometric shapes, tilted, and round buildings with mirrored panes, now join the stately Gothic and Art Deco buildings of the past. The juxtaposition of the old against the new is fascinating, yet sometimes jarring to one’s sensibilities and sense of history. Creativity is alive and well in the field of architecture!

One of my favorite sights in the area, however, is a mural on the side of Chelsea Square Market, on the corner of  W 18th Street and 10th Avenue.  It is so well done and says so much that I want to share it with you on this New Years Eve.  The message stated is one, which I know in our hearts, we all wish for in the coming New Year.

“The creative is the place where no one else has ever been.  You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition.  What you will discover will be wonderful . What you will discover is yourself.” Alan Alda

May peace, love, and compaction, be part of our year ahead.                                                 Carolyn

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