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Not Creative?

When we avoid our creativity, we avoid ourselves.  When we meet our creativity, we meet ourselves.”                      Julia Cameron

I meet so many people being out in the art world that say, “I am just not creative! I wish I could do that”!  Yes, you are, and, why can’t you?  It’s funny, in all my years in education, I never met a student that did not like creative activities in the classroom.  Again…we are all born creative!  It isn’t until someone criticizes what we do, that we lose the ability to think we are. As long a child has the freedom to use his own mode of creative expression, without interference from the outside world, the child will stay deeply rooted to his creative impulses into adulthood, confident in his own expression.

Your creativity is there.  If you feel you have lost it, you can reclaim it at any time.  There is no expiration date!

Mixed media Painting by FL artist Carolyn

Secret’s Beneath

Creativity is not just found in the act of producing fine art. Your creative spirit is part of your life.  It affects how you solve everyday problems, what you choose to do in your life, and how you choose to live your life.  When people act from their creative center, they not only find new ways of doing things, they discover new answers, which lead to new questions, that lead to more creative output. Creativity is inspiration coupled with initiative. If we stopped listening to the outer, and inner critique, and started to delight ourselves, we would get further as artists and humans. Enjoy the process!

Those who say: “I can’t, I am not creative”, need to tap into their “inner child” and re-visit their creative side.  We all need to stomp out life little blurts about what we can’t do, and start making affirmations for certain aspects of our life that we want to make more creative, or just plain better.  There is something to be said for the saying: “you are what you think you are”.

All a person can do in his life is gather about himself, his integrity, his imagination, and his individuality – and with these ever with him, out front and in sharp focus, leap into the dance of experience.”    Tom Robbins

Creativity is a circle.  The more you do creatively, the more creative you will become, and a side benefit is, it will spread into every aspect of your life.  Trying something new expands your options for future use.  It may not be something you choose to do on a regular basis, but it broadens the possibilities of what you can do with what you do.

It takes courage to leave your comfort zone, but the benefits exponentially outweigh being static. Without taking risks, most creative ventures would never get off the ground. Don’t let bouts of doubt, hold you back.

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