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Out of Your Comfort Zone

“Imagination makes you see all kinds of things”                                                                     Georgia O’Keeffe   

If you are doing the same thing now you were doing five years ago, you are probably stale!  In order to grow you need to try new things, challenge yourself.  Whether it is trying a new medium or trying a new subject, even a new palette would work. Change is important.  It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stop doing what you enjoy doing, but the process of trying something new, makes you grow, and do what you do best, better.

When I try something new and go back to what I do best, I notice a difference. I am seeing it with new eyes, and from a new perspective.  If I enjoyed the challenge I gave myself, I may be able to incorporate it into what I normally do.  You tend to concentrate more on something new, and so, it is like opening a new part of your brain, it sheds light on places that you did not see before.

Monoprint by FL artist Carolyn Land

Mono-print “Beneath the Surface” #

In Blog 8: “Creative Overload”, I mentioned doing some mono- prints for a friend and not being ready.  I had to find a way to make the process mine. This was out of my comfort zone.  But there was an energy I found in doing them that I haven’t felt with any other work, and a movement in them that hooked me on the process.  There is a freedom and spontaneity in them that I have not been able to achieve in some of my other abstract work.  To see more of the series “Beneath the Surface”, you can go to:

It has been a fun and interesting divergence.  I see so many possibilities now, on how I can incorporate this process, into my abstract and non-objective work. There are no limits to what we can do and try.  You just need to be adventurous.

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