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“The true gift that we’re given every day; that our world despite it many challenges, continues to offer such wondrousness.”                                                                                 Jeffries Blackerby

There was a lot of response to the blog I wrote on December 20th on “Time to See”.  It was interesting how many people confessed, that they really don’t take the time to see.

It is important that we as artist learn to see. Learning to attend to visual contexts more closely than ordinary looking, puts things into a different context.  The observation of detail not only helps the realistic artist but allows the abstract artist to find interesting points in the object observed to work with.

On my plane ride north for the holiday, I read an article on the word “pareidolia”. I understand the phenomena since I frequently experience it, but I honestly did not know there was a word for it.

Pareidolia:  When you see things in other things.  Like when cloud’s take the form of a dog running, when you see a face in the bark of a tree, or a human form in the fogged-up shower door. This usually happens when you take the time to really see something.  You stare, study, and digest, that which is in front of you.  In that microcosm of a small space of something you are really studying, other things take form. What do you see in the image here?

At one time this phenomenon was considered a psychosis.  Today however, it is considered perfectly normal and a sign of creativity.

A fool sees not the same tree that a wise man sees”        William Blake

Image by Fairyan

Pastel Painting by FL artist carolyn Land

A Peaceful Time      Pastel

When I painted this pastel, it was of Rose Bay after a storm.  For years it was simply that. Now when I look at it I see a face staring back at me.

Just a reminder:  My show, “Earth’s Music Through Art “, opens tomorrow night at the Casements Cultural Center in Ormond Beach.  There are 40 works of art from realistic to abstract.

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