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Supported by Our Creative Spirit

“Every adversity brings new experiences and new lessons.”          Lailah Gifty Akita

Caught in the turmoil of the moment, we forget the cyclical nature of history. We forget that the present always looks different from the inside than it does from the outside. We forget that this moment, with all its tribulations, is just part of the river of time.  It is part of the historical current.  How it is written about in history will only be known many years from now, when it is compared to other massive world events that have happened before it, and will happen long after it.

But for us now it is scary.  Scary because we are living through it.  Scary because we are fighting an enemy we can not see, and we can’t forget that it lurks everywhere, and we cannot let our guard down.

Sun Streaked Forest

Sun Streaked Forest”      Collage

It’s a time when we need to call into focus our “Creative Spirit” and make it work for us. In recent years across the country, a groundbreaking movement has been forming in the field of health care: art and medicine are becoming one, with remarkable results.

In major medical centers patients confronting life-threatening illness and depression are using art, writing, music, and dance to heal body and soul. Now more than ever we need to call up those creative skills we have and use them.

I have been blessed with a creative group of students / friends, that have chosen to share their work with each other and interact with each other via e-mail, to keep their creative spirit alive and well.  We call it “Our Class Online”. These students are from my HUB class, “Explore Your Creativity”. I want to share the work they  have sent me over the past 2 weeks. This wonderful group has brought a richness to my life with their willingness to work creatively at home, explore new mediums and techniques, and share what they do with each other, while we can’t be together.

Donna Bradly Shell Prints with Collage

Karin Bingham Block Prints on Fabric

Paula Pascucci Pastel over a Textured Surface

Suzi Hahn Alcohol Ink

Rebecca Romanowski  Acrylic Abstract


Ginger Bayer Collage


Janice Rous  Mixed Media

Margaret Billups         Watercolor

Cathy Brown  Mixed Media

Peggy Brown   Oil

“When I write, I can shake off all my cares, my sorrow disappears, my spirits are revived!” Anne Frank   Putting things in perspective, Anne Frank and 7 others people hid in an attic for 2 years quietly trying to remain undiscovered.  She turned to writing to survive.

Let your creative spirit buoy you in this time of isolation; write, paint, draw, sculpt, dance, sing, sew, build.  Stay safe. Carolyn

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