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The Artists Thought Process

“Good composition is like a suspension bridge; each line, adds strength and takes none away…Making lines run into each other is not composition.  There must be motive for the connection.  Get the art of controlling the observer, that is composition.”  Robert Henri

For example:

Do Modern and Contemporary artists as a whole think about composition?  The more you read about why each painted, where, and with whom they studied, the answer is yes. Our general education teaches us little about art.  If we take an art class, it teaches us traditional composition and the basics.  Many people look at at Modern and Contemporary Art and either like or dislike it.  The average person unfortunately does not take the time to read about the artist and their reason for their creative process. .  They make the, “I like, I don’t like it”  judgement call.  Would it surprise you to know that Robert Motherwell attended the California School of Fine Arts, has a BA from Stanford University in Philosophy, and went on to study art at the post graduate level at Columbia University in NYC?

The point here goes back to what I said in the first blog about “Starting a Painting”. “If you don’t know what you want to say, you are going to have a hard time putting it down on paper”. Historically Traditional, Modern, Contemporary Artists have one thing in common.They had intent, something important to them that they wanted to convey.

Even in front of nature one must compose.”                                                                    Edgar Degas

Why do you paint? What is your message?

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