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The Creative Spirit Blog

“There is no ‘must’ in art, because art is free”

 Wassily Kandinsky

What motivates people to create fine art?  This is a question that has fascinated me over the years.  Being an instructor, it is a question that I have to ponder frequently.  For me it has always been a part of my life. It is like breathing.

Hope for a New Day 6 x 8

There seem to be times, that one medium speaks more than another.  That a feeling is better captured abstractly than realistically, or vice a versa.   People frequently ask me why I do both?  Shouldn’t you commit to one style over another, or one medium over another?   That would be like eating pizza every night for dinner!

Evening Illusion sold

Each day dawns, and provides an opportunity to experience something new, capture something new, share something new. Please share what motivates your creative spirit.

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