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The Gift of Creativity

“The act of creation is a kind of ritual.  The origins of art and human existence lie hidden in this mystery of creation.  Human creativity reaffirms and mystifies the power of life”.             Keith Haring

We are all born creative. It is our true nature. The extent of its development in everyone, depends on the opportunities and experiences we have been given. A creative person is one who can process in new ways the information directly at hand, adding insight and emotion to the experience.  It is not limited to the visual artist, but encompasses all human experiences. Those of us who have been allowed the opportunity to fully develop it, are so fortunate.

Mixed Media painting by FL artist Carolyn land

Sea terrace

This is the time of year, of reflection, for many.  From Thanksgiving to the New Year, people of all religions and background, in some way give thanks, review their lives, take stock of where they are now, and make resolutions for the year ahead.

Have you ever stopped to think what a great gift you have been given, if you can express yourself through the arts?  We who can are so fortunate! As a visual fine artist, I am grateful, that I have this outlet, that I have this special way to speak to the world. I am grateful that I can express an image inspired by nature, and that it might touch someone as it touches me.  I am grateful that I can think out of the box, and see new possibilities in every eventuality.

If you are blocked or feel you are not creative, know that you can get that part of your true nature back. Stand in your own power.  Humans lose their creative ability as children when influences from the outside world dictate how it should be perceived; as adults, when you try to please others.  You can give yourself the gift of redeveloping your “creative spirit”, and nurture your inner artist, if you want to.  If you are one that feels your creativity needs enhancement, think about the possibilities for the New Year.  If your “creative spirit” is alive and well…give thanks that you could scribble until you were ready to draw, and no one told you a tree had to be green.

Creativity: “The ability to find new solutions to a problem or new modes of expression; the bringing into existence of something new to the individual”.                                                             Websters’s Dictionary

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