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The Need to Reboot

Whatever inspiration is, it’s born from continuous I don’t know.”  Wislawa Szymborska

Times have been tough, and the world is opening, but not without problem areas.  We too need to get our art life in gear again.  Many as I have learned, through responses to this blog, have had problems working for a variety of reasons.  I know we have done a lot of thinking about art, but now it is time to reboot and get going.  There is a big difference between thinking about art and making it. Making it is really easier. In our head we build big expectations, entertain fear, then berate ourselves. When we just sit down and do… those things fade and the joy of process returns.  So…

#1 Start! Starting will break the cycle of avoidance we have set up.

#2 Don’t worry what it is.  It is a start. It’s an act of healing. The act of creating itself will bring us out of the “what is happening around us” and into the present moment. We feel relief because we get out of “our head”.

#3 Don’t attach to an outcome.  Now is the time to enjoy the process without expectations.

Angled Message

Angled Message Collage

Our hands are the extremities of our power. They are our vision creators…idea makers. Creating with our own two hands evokes a feeling of satisfaction. As you work inspiration will come. The power to make something under your own power is a powerful feeling we all need now.

It promotes psychological well-being. Process is important for happiness because when we make, repair, or create things we feel vital and effective. It is not as much about reaching one’s potential or creating a masterpiece, as it is about doing something interesting.  The reboot is not about ambition it is more about living.

Research has shown that hand activity from creating art or making a craft, doing gardening or cooking are useful in decreasing stress, relieving anxiety, and modifying depression. There is value in the routine action because the mind rests.  Functioning hands also foster a flow in the mind that leads to spontaneous mood enhancement and creative thought.

It also provides us with deeper psychological benefits. The engagement and exploration involved in doing or creating uncovers and channels inner stirrings, wounds smart less and growth ensues.  As we sift, shape, move and address our project our inner being moves too.

What is best in life and art often comes into being by “making-not-knowing”. (Ann Hamilton)  We don’t always need to know where we are going.  We just need to do.  Now is the time to reboot and just do!

The Daytona Beach Museum of Arts and Science has a wonderful exhibit now showing.  The Healing Power of Art”.  I am so grateful to be part of it.  Its title… is a true statement. Art heals. Reboot by thinking process, not outcome, and you will find the joy and inspiration that you need to get going again.

Stay safe.  Carolyn

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