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We are All Born Creative

“If you worry about how good the art is, you’re never going to make your own art” 

Eric Fischl

We are all born creative. Studies have shown that if children developed without any interference from the outside world, no stimulation for their creative work would be needed.   They would be deeply rooted in the creative process without inhibitions.  It is once an outside source comes into play, that this goes away and the child loses that ability to have free expression.

That being said, art for a child is different than art for an adult.  Art for a child is pure expression.  Oh, if we as adults could go back and capture that!  As an instructor getting people over that imposed hump of inhibitions and preconceived ideas, that have been imposed on us, is sometimes very difficult.  How many times have I heard,” I can’t do art, I can’t draw a straight line”?  Well, thank goodness!  That’s what a ruler is for.

We, as artists must connect to our inner child to find our creative spirit. Look more carefully at the world that surrounds us, and feel it:  I look, I see, I feel, I create.  For me, it is usually nature or mans interaction with it.

Morning Fog

But it can be politics, memories of events, the interaction of people, or just the love of paint and brush.  What does motivate you to do what you do?

I sometimes times just like to play and try new things, and figure out how that would work for me.

Print 1

Between the Crevice

wedge series


What does it take to unleash your creative spirit?

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