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When the Creative Spirit Gets Dampened

“When it Rains it Pours.”                                                                               Morton Salt Company

It started when my husband became critically ill after our trip. When he was in ICU, hurricane Matthew paid us a visit. Although we weathered it well, the roof on the Artist’s Workshop, where I teach, was destroyed.  The replacement roof is going to cost $106,000.00, plus the cost of ceiling tiles, electrical and plumbing work; 40% of which, we are responsible for. My computer lost several programs, during this time, which kept me from my blog and a lot of other things.  It is amazing how much we depend on technology!

To say the least it has been a challenging 5 weeks.  I also realized that as you get older multi-tasking becomes more difficult, especially when under stress.  You forget a lot.  You think you did, what you haven’t done, or maybe you started it, but never finished it.  What do you do at a time like this?  Honestly: In the evening, I pour a glass of wine and settle on the porch for a short time, and watch the sun set behind the pines…and breath! One random thought I had during this down time was, that adversity breeds opportunity. The opportunity to learn new things and do things differently. Change can be good, because in the end the solution is going to require the “creative spirit”.

Pastel painting by Florida artist Carolyn land

Back Road Nova Scotia

One mornings when I needed to escape reality for a short time, I transported myself to a better place, and remembered the beauty of a simpler day.  This is the finished product from my first pastel class this season, and was intended to be the end of my blog on cropping your photograph.  However, we can visit that in a future blog.

Aside, from my personal problems; The Artists” Workshop for me and others, is a grounding place.  We go there to get “out of ourselves” or maybe I should say “into our real self”. We seek refuge in our creativity, we work together to learn and create, and support each other’s efforts.

It would be sad if we could not raise the money for the roof. Our organization offers 26 classes, open studio time to any member to create, and a gallery to sell our work in.   If you are a Workshop member following my blog, a student of mine, or a follower who believes in the creative process, all donation for roof repair for the Artists’ Workshop, are tax deductible, and would be very much appreciated.  Donations can be sent to:

Artists’ Workshop, Inc.                          PO Box 1194                                     New Smyrna Beach, FL 32170-1194

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